Uber Needs To Recommence Self-Driving Car Tests On Public Streets

Almost 8 Months after one of its autonomous test cars crashed and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, Uber needs to recommence testing on public streets. The firm has filed an appeal to test in Pittsburgh with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and it has presented a long safety report promising to put 2 human backup drivers in each car and take a plethora of other cautions to make the cars secure.

Company executives claim that they have a long way to go to get back public trust after the accident in Arizona on March 18, 2018, that killed Elaine Herzberg as she was crossing a darkened street. Cops claimed that backup driver by Uber in the autonomous Volvo SUV was watching the “The Voice” television show on her handset and looking downward before the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board claimed that the self-directed driving system on the Volvo saw Herzberg almost 6 Seconds prior to hitting her, but did not stop since the system (used to apply brakes automatically in possibly dangerous cases) had been turned off.

On a similar note, Uber earlier claimed that it will discontinue designing self-autonomous trucks that have been transporting cargo on the highways in the U.S. This was claimed by the ride-hailing firm to the media in an interview. The firm seeks to aim its self-directed-vehicle tech completely on cars.

Via its acquirement in 2016 for Otto, Uber had wished to disrupt cargo hauling with Uber Freight and self-directing trucks. Uber Freight is the company’s smartphone application that links shippers and truck drivers. Uber Freight, which has witnessed “speedy” development, is un-impacted by this move, the firm claimed.

Trucking has been seen by transportation analysts as an ordinary application for self-directing tech. This is due to the comparative predictability of highways in opposition to busy city roads.

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