Privacy Must Be Treated As Human Right: Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) has called on tech firms to treat privacy as a human right, with business and political leaders joining hands to defend people from cyber assaults. The Indian-origin CEO of one of the biggest software behemoths in the world was giving a keynote address in London last week at the Microsoft Future Decoded conference when he directed his speech on cybersecurity, privacy, and AI (artificial intelligence) among the major aspects of a more and more digital landscape.

“All of us will have to consider about the digital experiences we make to actually treat privacy as a human right,” Nadella claimed to the media in an interview. “We require using our collective power and prowess to defend these most weak of populations, and it needs not just our sector but also nation states to be fraction of that,” he claimed further.

On a related note, declaring that each piece of tech must assist decorate the ability of human beings, Nadella earlier claimed that the technology must not “humiliate” humanity but offer fresh levels of completeness.

“As we speak of technology, one of the stuffs we require in particular as decision-makers and technologists is to remember the eternal values that boost what we do. How will be we using techs to give power to people?” Nadella claimed to the media at the Ignite conference in a keynote address in Orlando, Florida. He claimed that each piece of tech must assist beautify the ability of human beings.

“We need technology to offer new levels of completeness. In reality, I am most keyed up about convenience.” “How can we transmit more individuals as complete members in our economy, in our society, utilizing technology? How can we confirm that there is no partiality built into tech?” Nadella claimed as he emphasized on empowering each person.

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