Around $75 Million Raised By Habana Labs, The AI Chip Developer

Habana Labs, the Israeli AI chip developer, has declared that it has collected $75 Million in a series B funding round directed by Intel Capital and linked by Battery Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, WRV Capital, and others, comprising existing financiers. Since its foundation, the firm has raised around $120 Million.

Habana Labs has asserted to have designed a processor 3x faster than that of its competitor Nvidia. The person behind the establishment of the Israeli firm is Avigdor Willenz, the chipmaker Galileo’s founder, which was purchased by Marvell for $2.7 Billion in 2000. He serves as the Chairman of Habana.

David Dahan, the Habana Labs CEO said, “We’re opportune to have magnetized few of the most professional investors in the world, including Intel—the top semiconductor company in the world. The funding will be utilized to perform our product roadmap for training and inference solutions, comprising our next-generation 7-nm AI processors, to enhance our customer support teams and sales, and it only boosts our resolution to become the acknowledged leader of the emerging AI processor market.”

In late last month, Nvidia and the Scripps Research Translational Institute announced their partnership to apply AI to health sensor and genomic data. The objective of the new association is to identify and prevent diseases by implementing deep learning and machine learning to data from digital health sensors and genome sequencing.

As genomic and sensor data are so abundant, the only approach to actually comprehend and examine them is with machines, as said by the director and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Dr. Eric Topol. Initially, the organizations will concentrate on heart rhythm disorders, mining data from sensors as well as genetic sequencing, comprising the sensors on wearables such as Apple and Fitbit Watches. Recently, Apple declared that its most recent Apple Watch will be capable of conducting electrocardiograms.

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