Instagram Unintentionally Exposed Some User Passwords

Instagram has told some of its consumers that their password may have been compromised due to a security flaw, as per The Information. A company spokesperson claims that the error was “found internally and impacted a very small amount of users.”

In this case, the error was connected to a feature, which the firm launched out in April. The feature allows consumers to download all of their data, which was implemented after European lawmakers issued its GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). As per Instagram, some consumers who utilized that feature had their passwords comprised in their web browser in a URL, and that the passwords were amassed on servers of Facebook, the parent company of Instagram. A researcher claimed to The Information that this will only be possible if Instagram amasses its passwords using plain text, which can be a concerning and larger security problem for the firm. A spokesperson of Instagram disputed this.

On a related note, more than 50% of handset consumers do not employ anti-theft solutions or passwords, leaving their handsets and the rising amount of valuable information on them available to anybody, claimed a study. Most of the users these days depend on their handsets to use the Internet and perform online activities, such as emails, online banking, and social media activities, all of which comprises a huge amount of personal information.

The study by Russia-located cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab displayed that not more than 48% of individuals password-protect their handsets and only 14% of users encrypt their folders & files to evade unauthorized access. “We all love our handsets since they offer us access to important data, at anytime from anywhere. They are precious items that attackers naturally wish to get their hands on,” claimed VP for Product Marketing at Kaspersky Lab, Dmitry Aleshin, to the media in an interview.

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