Siemens Brings In Simulation Solution For Precise 3D Printing

Siemens declared a new AM (Additive Manufacturing) process simulation solution to foretell distortion in 3D printing. The product is wholly integrated with Siemens’ additive manufacturing solution, enabling manufacturers to design and print large-scale workpieces.

Based on the complete digital innovation platform and the Siemens Simcenter portfolio, the AM Process Simulation solution uses digital matching to simulate the building process before printing, anticipating distortions in the printing process and automatically making the exact geometry to lessen such deformations.

When metal parts are printed in 3D, the method used to melt the layers of the print typically refers to heat. As the layers are fabricated, the residual heat leads the parts to deform in the printer, causing a variety of problems, including structural problems as well. Problems like these lead to the malfunction of many impressions and make it very difficult to get a right to the first try impression. Simulating the printing process can help solve many of these problems.

The new process simulation product is integrated into the Powder Bed Fusion processing chain of the Siemens PLM Software AM process that can provide deformation for metal printing. The product offers the user with a targeted workflow that evaluates distortions, predicts overheating areas, predicts overlapping collisions, and other crucial information about the printing process.

The AM Process Simulation solution offers the possibility of finding a solution between the design and configuration phases of the workflow creation file and the simulation phase. The company claims that this closed feedback loop is doable owing to the powerfully integrated nature of the Siemens digital innovation platform. The generated simulation data feeds the digital information feed that informs every step of the printing process.

It is expected that the AM Process Simulation solution will be available in January 2019 as part of the latest NX and Simcenter 3D software.

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