Now Skype Calling Is Available On Alexa


Now Skype video and audio calling is accessible on Alexa-powered devices, the newest incorporation to emerge out of the partnership between Microsoft and Amazon. The feature was earlier declared but now is live. Skype can be enabled via the Amazon Alexa application, through the Communications tab in Settings.

Now, one can use Skype on audio-only Alexa devices such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Plus, and Amazon Echo Dot, along with Alexa video devices such as the Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show. Few of the exemplary orders from the Alexa–Skype website includes, “Alexa, call Dad on Skype; Alexa, Skype Mom; Alexa, pick up.”

Similar to inbuilt voice calling feature of Alexa, the Skype skill will be provided only in few countries at release, which comprises the UK, US, Australia, India, Canada, and New Zealand. Microsoft, to incentivize connecting your account, is providing users free 100 Min a month for 2 Months after connecting your account. One can utilize that credit to perform international calls or get to individuals who are not on Skype … if one is opposed to utilizing the inbuilt calling feature of Alexa that conducts it for free.

On the other end, Microsoft has even begun retailing Echo devices of Amazon in its retail shops. Twitter user WalkingCat dotted that Microsoft is retailing the newest Echo Dot and 2nd-generation Echo. These devices are obtainable in Microsoft Stores and online in the US. The step trails Microsoft making an affiliation with Amazon to incorporate Cortana & Alexa and previewing it earlier this year.

The company has been progressively concentrating more on its Amazon affiliation and Alexa incorporation, all while Cortana has stepped behind its key competitors this year. Now, the Xbox One backs Alexa and even its own Alexa Windows 10 app has been launched by Amazon to get the digital assistant to all computers.

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