NASA Selects A Landing Point On Mars For Its 2020 Rover

Recently, NASA publicized that it had selected a landing spot for its forthcoming Mars 2020 rover. The site is called “Jezero Crater” and it has a delta created by flowing water. NASA reported that landing in its tricky terrain needs the latest technology that permits more steering in the atmosphere.

Mars 2020 will be anchored in the layout of the Curiosity rover, which is presently functioning in Gale Crater, but it will have a whole different set of instruments. The project will have two aims: firstly, to give humans a better outlook on whether Mars has ever sustained a life and to reserve rocks for a model return mission. The information on how to obtain rocks back from Mars is still being worked out. But there has been progressively increasing evidence that Mars has a large quantity of liquid water on its surface in the past, and Mars 2020 will be regarding sampling some of the water left after, with the intention of determining if it could have presented life forms alike to those on Earth. Some of those facts designate that the northern region of the planet once had an ocean.

Recently, NASA was also in news for officially stating that the agency would fly super-quiet supersonic jets over the U.S. cities within 3 Years. The development and funding timeline for NASA’s the X-59—first self-governing and full-size X-plane—was confirmed recently. Jim Bridenstine—NASA Administrator—stated that this aircraft has the ability to alter aviation in the U.S. and around worldwide. The potential of aircraft also includes faster-than-sound air voyage possible over land for everyone. The X-59 is known to produce a sound far lower than a regular sonic boom, due to its new design. The X-59’s highly swept wings slowly boost the pressure near the airframe and reduce the shockwaves as the aircraft goes through supersonic speed.

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