Commitment, Confusion And Uncertainty—The US–China Love Hate Relationship

Donald Trump had blamed China of not following a fair trade practice with the US, which gave birth to hiked tariffs on the US exports. China retaliated with a similar tune in exchange for which the US further raised the tariffs on other goods.

The target of imposing the tariffs is to make the US-made products less costly than the Chinese products, which will boost the sale of the US items. Now, US President Trump has announced to slash the proposed tariffs on the US car imports, which has raised several eyebrows.

People of Washington are now utterly bewildered about the decision taken by the president as the advisers of Trump have not confirmed of the agreement while Beijing is yet to affirm. Also, the senior members of the White House are counteracting each other’s comment, fuelling the controversy and confusion at an exponential rate.

At the G20 summit, a flag of peace was hoisted by both the nations, which has intensified the confusion. On the other hand, Ford has confirmed to know more about the sudden establishment of peace between the US and China after the ugly spat over tariffs as no specific agreement on the tariffs is made even before the summit held in Argentina.

The series of threats were witnessed by the people but the G20 summit has changed it all. Now, the nations have reached a temporary agreement in which the dispute will take a rest for 90 days. However, the US has cleared the speculations by mentioning that if China fails to abide by the proposed plans within the mentioned timeframe, the US will pull off the support and impose the hiked tariffs.

Donald Trump has confirmed that China has committed to remove and reduce the tariffs on the US cars going to China, which will enhance the sale.

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