Cuba Citizens To Get 3G Mobile Network

Now, the population of Cuba will be enjoying an access to the 3G mobile network and Etecsa, the telecom provider has confirmed the same.

Till 2013, the internet connectivity was only offered to the tourist hotels and clubs operated by the state. However, the authorities decided to open internet cafes to offer seamless internet connectivity to the residents. During the next year, the authorities allowed the mobile phone users to access the Nauta email service for 1 CUC per MB, which is now revised to 50 MB. In the following year, one of the cultural centers opened a Wi-Fi hotspot, which motivated others to follow the path. In 2017, Etecsa started offering home internet connections in a limited number.

Till date, the locals had no option but to rely on the internet cafes and Wi-Fi hotspots to enjoy the 3G service. On the other hand, the 3G service was restricted to the journalists who are employed under the state. The foreign businesses were also offered the service. With the latest change, the current events will alter and more people will be able to take advantage of the high-speed internet. However, the analysts doubt whether everyone will be able to afford the latest change as the packages of Etecsa will cost £5.50 or $7 or 7 CUC for 600 MB of data per month while for 4 GB of data the subscribers will have to pay 30 CUC.

The average income of the island, manned with 11.2 million heads is close to $30 a month, which will make the 3G internet connection a lavish choice.

The launch will also relax a few restrictions imposed by the government on the activities.

The authorities have planned to roll out the 3G internet service over a period of 3 days, which will help control the overwhelming demand in the initial period.

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