Cubans Can Now Access Internet On Their Mobile Phones

The state telecom company of Cuba has decided to give its customers an internet access over their mobile phones. All the users of the company will now be able to access the internet facility on their mobile phones over 3G network. It has been reported that the facility is to be started from Thursday. Considering the earlier tech advances within the nation, only those people will be capable of availing the internet facility those who are fortunate enough to afford it. The government being autocratic has maintained huge control over the telecom services which are offered to the common citizens.

With the new facility being offered, mobile phones have come up as a significant media of availing the internet facility in Cuba. Flashing back into the history of Cuba, Castro government had lifted long lasting ban before 10 years which denied its common citizens from purchasing personal computers. The most surprising thing is that very rare people had access to the internet before the year 2016. The total population of Cuba is said to be somewhere around 11 million. The total number of mobile connections is said to be 5 million where the number of landline connections is somewhere around one and a half million.

The stats mentioned over are provided by the telecom company of the country. The company provides its mobile service with the help of 3G stations where are said to be 300 in numbers. The company also has 2G stations which are more than 1000 in numbers. The monopolistic telecom company of the country ETECSA has said in its statement that its decision of allowing the internet access to common people will stretch the existing possibilities of accessing the internet resulting into the computerization of Cuban Society. On a general note, the decision of the ETECSA comes as welcome news for the common people of Cuba.

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