Cars, Coal Lead To Record Levels Of CO2 Emissions In 2018

CO2 levels have risen in 2018 because of higher coal and fossil fuels combustion and also more cars. Greater use of coal by China to revive their failing economy has led to 3% rise which is again helped by emissions from planes, trucks and cars across the globe. While 2017 figures read 1.6% rise, that of 2018 reads as 2.7%, concerning scientists everywhere. At United Nations climate talks, Prof Le Quéré, the lead researcher, said that the estimated 4.7% rise in China was because of its government’s efforts to boost economy. The rise in US could be attributed to a hot summer and a very cold winter which drive up energy demand.

Top 2018 emitters are China, US and EU, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Canada. Rise in India is about 6.3%. Although renewables have grown, emissions have grown at faster rates. Oil consumption in transportation sector has contributed to the CO2 rise as well, with 4% rise in EU and 1.4% in US. Promises made during the 2015 Paris agreement have been violated, say scientists. Mohammed Adow said that no amount of sweet talk will alter the impacts of climate change and hence real-life efforts are immediately needed. While non-electric cars will stop being available for sale in Norway from 2025, India, Netherlands, France and UK will stop by 2040. Volkswagen has agreed to produce its final generation of diesel and petrol cars by 2026. Even with so many efforts being made, many like Rosie Rogers believe that faster moves are necessary.

Some good news are however available- renewable resources have become cheaper than natural gas in places like Chile, Morocco, Egypt, Mexico; green energy is being produced; solar and wind energy productions are rising; coal use is reducing. 9,000 municipalities and cities globally are committed to Paris. 19 nations including US, France, Ireland, and UK have cut emissions in last 10years even with economic growth.

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