Chrome Browser Will Get Advanced Features Due To Microsoft

Microsoft has always employed notifications, pop-ups, and warning indications to sway users away from downloading Chrome on Windows 10. The software manufacturer even carried out battery tests to display how bad Chrome is for the battery life of your laptop. With the headline that Microsoft is shifting to the Chromium engine for Edge, all of these notifications and comparisons are about to turn into irrelevant. Microsoft now has a motive to make Chrome operate better on Windows.

“We will provide our Windows platform know-how to enhance the experience of all Chromium-supported browsers on the operating system,” states a letter to the Chromium open-source community from Microsoft. “We know that making the Internet better on Windows is good for our partners, customers, and our business. And we aim to vigorously contribute for this. We welcome the chance to join hands with the Chromium society in the areas of touch, battery life, security, accessibility, and other fields of joint interest.”

Speaking of browsers, Mozilla is supposedly operating on a fresh web browser “Fenix” for the Android OS (operating system). The new application is anticipated to aim for a tech-savvy & younger audience, claimed the local media. Contributors for Mozilla began contributing more enthusiastically in the project since this year, as per a media report.

There has been no word from the developers of “Fenix” about their pipeline of commercializing the browser in the years to come, the report claimed further. The reasons for designing one more browser for Android stays equally uncertain from the developers’ side, particularly when Firefox stays one of the most admired web portals with more than a 100 Million downloads till date, as per its official listing on Google Play Store.

Established in 1998 by Netscape’s members, the open-source software community currently has 3 different browsers for Android namely privacy-aimed “Firefox Focus,” the flagship Firefox Browser, and “Firefox Nightly.”

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