USC Research: Disturbed Biological Clock Might Lead To Onset Of Diseases

Scientists at USC recently revealed the results of their latest study. According to this study, a new time-keeping mechanism within liver cells that assists in sustaining important organ activities can lead to the onset of diseases when its normal rhythm is disturbed. This twofold function of the nuclear receptor protein HNF4A presents a probable justification for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The study also assists explain why such issues are more widespread in individuals with disrupted sleep, including urban dwellers, night-shift employees, and global jet-setters.

Steve Kay, Director, Convergent Biosciences and Provost Professor of Neurology, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences, USC Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences, proclaimed that the epidemiological researches are constantly disclosing more and more link between our internal biological clock and modern lifestyles. He explained that the clashing of these two things can lead to the development of numerous diseases such as breast cancer and obesity.

On a similar note, recently, researchers disclosed how DNA damage affects mutations. Turned out that its role in mutagenesis was misjudged and many of the inheritance mutations are triggered not by problems in DNA doubling, but by impairment to this fragile molecule. The latest research carried out by the global-level research team can be accessed in the journal Nature Genetics.

Vladimir Seplyarskiy is one of the research authors working at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS and Harvard Medical School, the U.S. He proclaimed that the research team decided to study this issue in a novel perspective. It assessed the role of the DNA damage in the growth of mutations. He added that the research team observed the function of cell repair system. As its functioning depends on the DNA strand from which genes are read, the research team looked at what types of mutations happen in these areas.

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