Ditch Your Smartphone For A Year And Win $100,000

Vitaminwater may entice you with its grand prize of $100,000, which is being offered if you go without a smartphone or tablet for a complete year. You must not use your smartphone for complete 365 days in a row, if you are up to take this challenge. A 1996-era cellphone will be provided by the company and that can be used during the contest.

What if you can’t go smartphone-free for a complete year? In that case, if you accomplish the past six month mark then you can win $10,000. Below that will make you go empty handed. A person who goes without his smartphone is able to prove it.

A contract will be made between the participants and Vitaminwater. To prove the authenticity of the whole challenge, participants will have to face a lie-detector test at the end of the contest. So, don’t plan to fool Vitaminwater.

The deadline to enter the contest is January 8, 2019. To be the part of contest, participants have to explain how they would use their year if they go smartphone-free for complete 365 days. This can be done by putting a post on twitter or Instagram explaining about the time you will be utilizing if you take a massive break from your smartphone. To do so, you must include the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the post. Each participant may submit up to four suggestions during the contest period.

If you do decide to take up this challenge, you won’t be going phone-less. A Nokia 3310s will be provided to all the contestants. You can’t do video calling, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on it, but at least you can have a good time by playing Snake for a complete year. So, going phone less could be a great New Year resolution.

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