Many Diabetic Patients Unnecessarily Check Blood Sugar Levels At Their Homes

One out of seven people having Type2 Diabetes are needlessly checking the level of blood sugar several times at their home in a day, the study of US says. The people having Type2 diabetes don’t require to test blood sugar at their home when they have controlled symptoms as well as don’t consume medicines that causes dangerous reduction in blood sugar, say the doctors. For such patients, it has not been found that monitoring blood sugar makes any change in the level of blood sugars. In-spite of this, most of them unnecessarily prick their fingers.

 The researchers studied data of more than 370000 people having the Type2 Diabetes. The overall, means about 88000 of them, or 23 percent of them, had minimum three claims of health insurance for the test strips which are used to test the blood sugar levels at their homes. More than 50 percent of people checking their sugar did not need this at all, accounting for fourteen percent of total examined population, report the researchers on Monday. Many of the patients having Type2 diabetes not having insulin and other treatments at high risk of changes in levels of blood sugars are checking far often than it is required to be, the lead author, Kevin Platt, Michigan University of study said.

 This unnecessary behavior causes needless pokes, costs and worries, says Platt in an email. “There should be no more while considering medical care”. The Type2 diabetes is most common disease linked with aging and obesity which develops when body does not make or use enough hormone insulin that converts blood sugar to energy. The untreated ones can have other complications such as kidney failure, blindness, amputations and nerve damages. Most of the patients can have their levels of sugar in healthy range by taking oral medications without using insulin.

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