Space Does Not Harm This Crucial Part Of Human Body

The researchers have found the time in the space can raise the chances of getting cancer as well as trigger the gene mutations. Since a latest study has shown that one important part of human body is unaffected due to zero gravity. By living in the space, the B-cell level immunity of an astronaut is not altered. It means the WBCs that produce antibodies that fight with many infections. The levels of B-cell need should be controlled so as to help the astronauts to fight against the disease causing bacteria and viruses. This discovery is considered to be the outstanding development since the previous research was carried that travelling in space confuses immune system of humans. Some of the cells gets weaker, while some work overtime & finally both weaken body’s ability for fighting against the infections.

The researchers were stressed about the confusion that could extend towards B-cells also. During the study, the scientists took the blood samples of 23 crew executives stationed at Intl. Space Station about 6 months before, present & after their visit. These samples were taken from 18 distinct missions of ISS and had astronauts ranging in the age of 37 to 57 years. The results of them were compared with the group staying on Earth. This research got published in Applied Physiology Journal.

It was the first research that proved staying in space flight for longer duration has a very limited impact on the Bcell frequency and production of antibodies in the body of astronauts, says John Campbell, Bath University during a statement. Those results help the astronauts while taking off ISS as well as for all the upcoming astronauts who aspire to go for long duration missions. The study will help inform the health decisions like vaccinations for astronauts moving for longer duration space mission, eventually to Mars.

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