Spacecraft Juno Sent By NASA In 2011 Finally Made It To Jupiter

Juno, a spacecraft of NASA which was sent to Jupiter in 2011, has been finally delivered after a little while. On its 16th close flyby which was on October 29, NASA said that the spacecraft took images. Juno was traveling for years and finally reached Jupiter on July 2016. Scientists launched the spacecraft so that they could study Jupiter and its composition and evolution; they were thrilled by the information found about Jupiter. Many images show a white oval which is nothing but a number of bright white clouds and an anti-cyclonic storm as well.

Jupiter is the largest amongst all the planets in the solar system so far, being on the fifth position from the Sun. Jupiter’s iconic great red spot has just passed a south tropical disturbance, reflecting its orange haze from the series of NASA of color enhanced images. Scott Bolton, Principle investigator of Juno, from the Southwest Research, San Antonio, said that Jupiter looked really different from how we expected, after revealing the images in last May. The images were a personal look and a close up at Jupiter. He also added that they thought it was relatively boring and uniform inside.

Reportedly, NASA said that the observed water colored swirls are nothing but the clouds on the North Temperature belt in Jupiter. Just as similar to the clouds on Earth, as we all look for shapes within those clouds, the game is on for NASA. People were really very quick with their observations they had on Jupiter. The observations were ranging from a squid to a bird, from a Dragon’s eye to the sky from Van Gogh’s Starry Night. NASA has confirmed that December 21 will be the halfway point of Juno’s prime mission for data collection, giving us many mesmerizing images.

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