Resorts Attempt To Detoxify Digital Syndrome

Certain resorts are now offering detoxication from the cell phone or addiction to digital world. There would be certain perks for them who would willingly handover their smartphone even for limited hours like – s’mores or snorkeling tours. Few of the guests are opting for phone free hours in the swimming pools while others have chosen to restrict the use of digital devices from public places.

Hotels that have initiated this idea of wellness and healthy being chose to be on the side of healthy life rather than flaunting their indoors or facilities on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram etc. Wyndham Hotels’ chief marketing officer, Lisa Checchio said that all of them somewhere wish to disconnect themselves from it. Mustering up a little courage is all that they need. A worldwide survey in 2017 by Counterpoint Research revealed that about 50% of the smartphone users spend nearly 3–7 hours on their devices on a daily basis. Hence, the ability to disconnect is indeed difficult.

Wyndham knew that fitting more chairs on the beach side for people to relax and peep into their phone screens every now and then would indeed be very difficult to manage. Therefore, she came up with the plan to provide free snacks, opportunity to get return visits, focal spots by the poolside to the guests who were willing to hand over their devices securely in safe pouches. The phones would remain with the guests, however, the trick is that not they but the hotel staffs would be able to unlock them.

In the resorts of Florida and Texas, about 250 guests have so far used the program and would be introduced in more of Wyndham hotels in the coming year. To make use of the time, the hotel also provide instant camera to kids and adults. To families that have locked their phones in pouches, are given discounts, s’mores, and storybooks to kids.

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