Hackers Likely To Misuse AI, Pose Physical, Digital Threat

A recent study published by researchers from top international universities like Cambridge, Oxford and Yale and also private and military experts have stated that artificial intelligence could be misused by rouges for malicious purposes that could turn the technology into a threat instead of a boon of modern science. The report states that rapid advances in AI have raised the risk of concentrated attacks which could cause driverless vehicles to crash or turn ordinary drones into weapons targeting buildings and people. The alarm stated that these attacks could come from lone attackers, rouge nations and determined criminals.

Hackers Likely To Misuse AI, Pose Physical, Digital Threat

The study that concentrated on possible developments of the technology in the next five years stated that AI poses a strong threat to physical and political security as it makes them vulnerable to concentrated and targeted attacks. According to Miles Brundage a researcher at Oxford, though AI has a lot of positive uses there is little information about how it can be used in a malicious manner too. The technology involves using computers to perform activities that would otherwise have been done by humans like taking decisions on simple tasks and recognizing visual images along with text and speech.

While the technology is being considered a powerful tool for unlocking possibilities it has recently come under focus of intense debate as the adoption of this technology on a massive scale in all industries could lead to unemployment and other social issues. The research paper comprising of 98 pages has also stated that attack costs can be lowered by using artificial intelligence or (AI) to carry out tasks that are otherwise done by humans. It has made several recommendations to regulate AI for both military and commercial use. The researchers have stated that the technology could be used to make fake videos and audio clippings of officials in public arena in a realistic manner which became true in the recent “deep fake” pornographic video case.

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