Itel Mobile Clocks 217% Increment In The Indian Smartphone Market

With a 9% share in the market, China-located Itel Mobile (parent company being Transsion Holdings) clocked a 217% development in 2016–2017 in India, the firm claimed to the media in an interview. Itel Mobile made an entry in April 2016 in Indian market.

“The reason behind sustained success of Itel Mobile in the Indian market is its dynamic development plan that aims on meeting current market needs via relevant solutions,” Managing Director at Transsion India, Marco Ma, claimed to the media in an interview. “We have been making a widespread collection of 4G-enabled feature-driven handsets, distinguished through services and a sturdy experience after sales,” he further claimed.

Itel Mobile Clocks 217% Increment In The Indian Smartphone Market

A newest report from CMR (CyberMedia Research) pointed Itel Mobile as one of the few mobile companies noticed to have a study upwards pointing chart in 2017 in spite of fluctuations in the market. Transsion Holdings has more than 1,000 channel partners and 92,000 retail outlets in the country.

In addition to this, other Chinese players also ruled the Indian market. Xiaomi restored Samsung for the leading spot. The Chinese handset vendor increased its shipments 3x as compared to previous year and traded more than 2 Million units from its offline channel. Samsung dropped to 2nd spot in handset ranking. As per CMR, Samsung is encountering rough hurdles in vying with the aggressive costing strategy in India from Xiaomi.

The Indian handset market resumed its development after a provisional slowdown in 2016 posed by reasons such as shortage of handset components and demonetization. This is exactly opposite of China, the largest handset market in the world that witnessed its first drop in 2018, while the U.S. has been comparatively flat. China-based companies are flourishing and their combined share in the market has crossed a huge 53% in 2017 from 34% a year back

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