America’s big decision amid Corona crisis!

The corona virus has caused havoc around the world. The situation in America, the most powerful country in the world, is worst. More than 50 thousand people have died due to the virus in America. At the same time, the economy has also been badly affected. In this situation, the United States has given great relief to the migrants.

The US government has given 60 days to H-1B visa holders and green card applicants to submit documents. This exemption has been given to those whose expenses have not been deposited till now. The notice was issued to such people by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The period for answering this notice was running out in June. However, after the new decision of the government, now H-1B visa holders and green card applicants will be able to stay in the US for 60 days. Giving information about this decision, USCIS said that we are taking many steps to protect our workforce and community. At this time we are also standing to protect people from immigration benefits from harassment.

Let us tell you, American companies appoint technical experts from other nations through H-1B visas. Most IT professionals in nations such as India and China work for American companies. According to the rule, if the company of an H-1B visa holder terminates the agreement with him, then his difficulty increases.

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