Apache helicopter can fire 625 bullets in just 1 minute, missile range is the most dangerous

Apache helicopter can fire 625 bullets in just 1 minute, the most dangerous range of missile, India signed 22 Apache helicopter deal with Boeing company of USA in 2015. The first batch of which has now been delivered to India and by September, India will get its second shipment, by the year 2020, India will get all 22 Apache helicopters. This will greatly increase the capacity of the Indian Air Force. Today in this article you will know what is the fire power of Apache helicopter?

The world’s most advanced multi-combat helicopter

You will be surprised to know that Apache helicopter is currently the world’s most advanced multi-combat helicopter. This helicopter can fire 625 bullets in just 1 minute and it can be increased to 1200 bullets. Not only this, the capability of the missile it takes is even more dangerous. Anti-tank missiles can be placed inside this helicopter, which range from 8 km to 12 km. Surgical strikes can be carried out very easily with this helicopter joining the Indian Airforce.

Apache can play a very important role in a surgical strike

If India had carried out a surgical strike after the Uri attack some time ago, if India had a helicopter at that time, the surgical strike could have been done very easily. Let us tell you that Apache helicopter is considered to be the most dangerous helicopter in the American Airforce. This helicopter has successfully carried out many missions from Afghanistan to Iraq. It can be used not only for attacking but also for surveillance.

Its most unprecedented capability is that it can execute any mission at night as successfully as day.

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