Lockdown 3.0: liquor shops open in many parts of the country, huge crowd gathered

The outbreak of Corona virus epidemic is increasing daily in the country. There has been no decrease in the case of this virus. Lockdown 3.0 is going on in the country regarding Corona which is going to run till May 3. However, this time the central government has given some relaxation. According to which permission has been given to go out daily from 7 am to 7 pm. But on the very first day, some such pictures have come out from different parts of the country, which is very worrying. Liquor shops are finally open after 40 days due to the lockdown, but during this time huge crowds are being seen outside the shops in many parts of the country.

Explain that the government has allowed these shops to open with the conditions of social distancing. Amid lockdown 3.0 across the country, crowds of people rallied outside the liquor shop in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, after the government directed to open liquor shops. The police had to face a lot of difficulty in maintaining social distancing between them.

At the same time, another picture has come from Bengaluru in Karnataka. Where a huge crowd of people has appeared at a liquor store. Want to tell that the state government has allowed the sale of liquor from 9 am to 7 pm.

Let it be known that the number of people suffering from Corona virus has crossed 42.5 thousand in the country. With this, the death toll has risen to 1373. While 11 thousand 707 people have recovered after treatment and have gone home after being discharged from the hospital. There are currently 29 thousand 453 cases of corona in the country.

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