Today has become the biggest problem for Pakistan due to inflation and unemployment.

For the past several years, due to the economic system, the people of Pakistan are very upset. Increasing inflation and unemployment has become the biggest problem for Pakistan today. According to sources, the trust of ordinary consumers in Pakistan has been lost on the economic system. The common people of Pakistan feel that the country’s economic system is not coming back on track. Pakistan’s economy is going in the wrong direction and it is going to get worse.

Inflation, employment insecurity and additional taxes have been described as the biggest three challenges facing the country at this time, this survey was conducted between July and December in urban and rural areas of the country and 2900 people were asked their opinion. Of these, 79 percent of the participants said that their stance is pessimistic in terms of the state of the local and national economy. He said that his ability to invest for the future has been weakened and is also empowered to preserve the current employment.

Some participants said that they personally know people who have lost their jobs, only one out of ten said that their current economic situation is strong, the remaining nine said that the financial problem is such that even everyday buying It is not easy. Nine out of ten participants said that they feel that the state of the country’s economy is getting worse in the next six months.

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